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Latest News

  • The Adventurers Book 3: On to revisions! Thank you for your patience, my dear readers! Dana, Amy and Jack are determined to beat the Troll! I will keep you posted. In the interm, you might want to refresh books one and two.

  • Ebooks Coming Soon! Yes! The ebook editions of The Mystery of Troll Creek and The Mask of the Troll are coming! Will let you all know as soon as they go live.

  • New Short Story: Writing a short story for a sci fi-fantasy Anthology called Infinite Dimensions.The future of the nation is at stake when Dr. Sarah Stanford takes on the newly formed DH. What's the DH? Find out Spring 2017.

  • Photos on Blogs Page: Added two photos from the Olympic Peninsula. Playing with black & white on the other shots.

"Refreshing to have girls do the fighting ... their survival depends not just on smarts and spunk, but also on cooperation. ... The fast pace, too, will keep [readers] eagerly turning the pages."--Kirkus Reviews